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Medical Express - Van

Customized courier service for conscientious medical professionals.

24 hours a day ~ 7 days a week ~ 365 days a year

What you need, where and when you need it - GUARANTEED

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Welcome to Medical Express, where our commitment lies in delivering excellence in medical shipments, catering to your every critical need. With certifications and extensive experience, we specialize in:

  • Controlled temperature solutions for tissue, cellular therapy, and other life sciences.
  • Handling dangerous materials including toxic, flammable, and infectious substances.
  • Transportation of human organs, blood products, corneas, and tissue for transplant.
  • Delivery of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, sensitive data, and more.
  • USDA CLASS H-Intermediate Handler      

Our services include White Glove Service for meticulous handling and a Tracking/Ordering service for your peace of mind. While our expertise lies in the medical industry, we collaborate seamlessly with hospitals, universities, colleges, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and more. Every member of our team is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of medical professionals, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with controlled materials.

Time is of the essence in medical deliveries, and we understand its significance. That's why we prioritize speed, reliability, integrity, and extensive training in serving hospitals, nursing homes, doctor's offices, imaging services, and other medical professionals. Whatever your medical courier needs may be, trust Medical Express to deliver with precision and care. We stand ready to serve you. 

Many Medical Express drivers work specific accounts. Our clients enjoy knowing there is a personal relationship with someone who can handle their special requirements. We pride ourselves on reliability, accuracy and 100% accountability. Medical Express has no contract couriers - EVERY driver is a full member of our team.


All couriers are:

  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Security Cleared
  • Drug Free

Our drivers make both local and regional runs and we guarantee pickup within 15 minutes - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients know they can rely on Medical Express for their specialized medical courier needs.

At Medical Express, we specialize in delivering medical supplies directly to CPD (Central Processing Department) for streamlined instrument processing. 

Additionally, we ensure efficient transport of implants directly to designated implant areas. Trust us to handle these critical deliveries with precision and care, ensuring seamless operations for your medical facility. With Medical Express, you can count on reliable and dedicated services tailored to your specific needs.


They have been extremely reliable when we needed a pickup at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Great, friendly reliable team who adapts to suit our needs. We know that our orthopedics are in safe hands and will always arrive to the hospital on time.

Going to our storage unit, sorting our products to find the right implant, then drive to a hospital 200 miles away - all on Christmas Day! Medical Express is a company you can call on to go the extra mile.

We Deliver the Care Business

Customized courier service for conscientious medical professionals.

24 hours a day ~ 7 days a week ~ 365 days a year

What you need, where and when you need it - GUARANTEED


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