Same Day Local & Regional Courier Services 



Our Delivery radius is 300 miles from Louisville, Kentucky


We offer Same Day Local & Regional Courier Services

Based in Louisville, Kentucky our range is 300 miles and includes Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia and Missouri.

Critical Regional Same Day

Critical 1-Hour Local Service

Critical Nights, Weekends, Holidays

A-Live Animals

UN3373 Biological Sustances

UN3373 Biological Sustances on Dry Ice

Exempt Human Specimens

Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities




Animal-Shippers Autoclave Clean-Room-Uniform2 Cryo-Shipper Dry-Ice-Shipper Jacket Jacket2 Mouse Orthobiologics Orthopaedic-Drill Orthopaedic-Pans Orthopaedic-Reamer Orthopaedic-implants Orthopaedics Surgery Transplant Uniform2 equitainer loaner-trays2

They have been extremely reliable when we needed a pickup at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Great, friendly reliable team who adapts to suit our needs. We know that our orthopedics are in safe hands and will always arrive to the hospital on time.

Going to our storage unit, sorting our products to find the right implant, then drive to a hospital 200 miles away - all on Christmas Day! Medical Express is a company you can call on to go the extra mile.

We Deliver the Care Business

Customized courier service for conscientious medical professionals.

24 hours a day ~ 7 days a week ~ 365 days a year

What you need, where and when you need it - GUARANTEED